Loading ramps of the SuperLite range

The weight-optimised drive-on ramps are designed for loading small garden and landscaping machinery or light vehicles, such as motorcycles, up to a weight of 2,200 kg. Thanks to the extra-long support (226 mm), all common transport vehicles can be driven onto the ramp without the vehicle being damaged by it. Also equipped with a non-slip profile. As an alternative, MAUDERER offers a comprehensive range of foldable loading ramps. Thanks to the stable aluminium joints in the middle of the drive-on ramps, the overall length is halved. This means that the loading ramps can be folded up to a compact size and stowed in a car or onto a trailer.

AK loading ramp with edge, foldable

AOK loading ramp without edge, foldable

A with loading ramp with edge, rigid

AO loading ramp without edge, rigid

CO and COK loading ramps, similar to A loading ramps, are equipped with a beam and therefore have a higher load-bearing capacity.


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