SuperLite plates

The weight-optimised ramps from the “SuperLite Range” are designed for loading small garden and landscaping machinery or light vehicles, such as motorcycles. The loading ramps have a non-slip profile and can be secured against slipping.

As a space-saving alternative, MAUDERER offers a comprehensive range of foldable loading ramps. Thanks to the stable aluminium joints in the middle of the rails, the overall length of the loading ramps is reduced by half. This means that the loading ramps can be folded up to a compact size and stowed in the car or on the trailer.

A standard bore hole in the support enables the ramps to be fixed against slipping. Safety bolts are available as an option.

Dock plates SL (up to 800 kg) and dock plates CO (up to 2000 kg)

Dock plates SLK (up to 800 kg) and dock plates COK (up to 1600 kg)


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